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The City of Trees

Every home in Natomas Park should have at least one tree in their front yard. The City of Sacramento or the Builder of each home planted them, at the beginning of the Natomas Park neighborhood. Sort of like a fairy tale, sometimes things go wrong and take an unforeseen direction. There were foreclosures on many properties that let the landscape and trees starved for water and attention.

And then, there is the drought which has taken its toll on the landscape and trees.

But, the moral of the story is we have to take care of what we have and replenish it when a tragedy happens, like broken or overgrown limbs, a dead and/or dying tree.

Some of our homes are beautifully manicured, trimmed and maintained. For those of us who work hard to keep our homes up to the community standards, your neighbor’s thank you and appreciate what you contribute.

We have seen over the years a diminishing number of trees in the front landscape. It may be that a tree has created a problem that a homeowner needs to remedy or it has simply died (for no apparent reason). These things happen.

When something happens to your trees, they must be replaced. A plan of action needs to be communicated to the HOA. It is not enough to simply remove the tree (for whatever reason). Our trees are an important part of this community. They keep our homes cooler, provide shade and clean our air.

So, let’s all do our part. Trim those trees that are overgrown with branches so low that someone over the age of five can’t walk under or street signs can’t be seen. Remove dead trees and other dead plant material in and around our homes. Contact the Sacramento Tree Foundation if you have questions or concerns about the tree(s) in your front yard.

If you are planning to remove and/or replace landscape materials that are not, like for like, you must first submit a Home Improvement Application to NPMA. If you are waiting for a better time of year to replace a tree, you can submit an application now for future work. Once an application is approved, members have 3 months to start a project and 6 months to finish.

Click here to link to the ACC Application (link to ACC app). If you need help understanding what is needed for tree removal and/or replacement, please contact the office at 916‐925‐9200 or admin@natomaspark.aaronmatthewbeta.com