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Natomas Park News: Cluster Mailboxes

In an effort to bring awareness and address the ongoing issue of broken cluster mailboxes within our community, Members of The Board of Directors attended Representative Ami Bera’s Sacramento County Office Hours event in February at the North Natomas Library. His representative, Daneen Benningson, emphasized all residents impacted by this issue should do the following:

  1. Contact Daneen Benningson directly and individually. She can be reached at 916-208-9126 (Please call, do not text).
  2. Complete the Privacy Act Waiver Form from Representative Ami Bera’s Office, (Linked below). Please download the form, print it, and fill it out in its entirety. Once complete, this form can be scanned and emailed to bera.casework@mail.house.gov or mailed to 8950 Cal Center Drive Building 3, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA  95826.

Representative Ami Bera’s Privacy Act Waiver FormCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

If you have been directly effected by this issue, please speak up and complete the form linked above.  According to the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552a), members of Congress or their staff must have written authorization before they can obtain information about an individual’s case and to authorize their office to contact a federal agency on your behalf. They must have your complete Privacy Act Waiver form with your signature to proceed. 

For more information on how Representative Ami Bera’s office can assist us in our effort to resolve this issue, please visit his website linked below to see how they can help.


Thank you,

Natomas Park Masters Association Management