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Current Operating Procedures 7.15.2020

Hello NPMA Community,

It has been so great continuing to see more and more members at The Club. As I’m sure many have heard, the Governor changed the guidelines for counties on the watchlist (including Sacramento County) on July 13th, and Sacramento released it’s revised public health order on the 14th. The biggest impact on our operations is that is limits our ability to open the fitness center. At this time, we are able to keep the pools open and can still provide outdoor seating for households. We will be making the following changes to help more members enjoy the facilities and to respond to some of the feedback that members have provided regarding their experiences so far:

  • We will be staying open until 8:30pm starting Monday, July 20th. This is mainly to allow for additional reservations for the Lagoon Pool.
  • Effective today, reservations for the Lagoon Pool will be available 7 days in advance (like the Lap Pool). There is considerable demand for this limited resource, so please be considerate of your fellow members.
  • We will open the Toddler Pool on Monday, July 20th. It is divided into two sections with a 6’ zone in between to promote distancing between households. Reservations will be released today and will be available up to 7 days in advance.
  • Households will be limited to ONE Toddler OR Lagoon Pool reservation at a time and members can hold up to three amenity reservations at a time.
  • A parent who wants to supervise their child from the pool deck at the Lap Pool will be able to do so (see operating procedures for more details).
  • We are planning on opening reservations for outdoor seating on Monday, July 27th and will keep the community updated as we get closer to that day.
  • Members who supply a doctor’s note can hold up to 5 Lap Pool reservations at a time (see operating procedures for more details).
  • Adjustments have been made for members who have more than 6 people in their household (see operating procedures for more details).
We know that with any change there will be questions, and we welcome them! It helps us know where we can improve our communication. We are also open to feedback and have especially appreciated the feedback we have received with suggestions for improvement. We have been able to implement a lot of changes in the few weeks we have been open in response to some of the suggestions. Not all suggestions can happen or happen quickly, but we hope that you know that they are heard and considered.

For a complete review of operating procedures CLICK HERE
Please find a few clarifications in our FAQs CLICK HERE