Zumba (Friday 8:30AM)

A fun-filled dance aerobics class that fuses Latin rhythms with some hip hop, belly dancing and a few traditional aerobic moves. Only members can make a reservation, no guests. Each person attending must have their...

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Tabata Bootcamp (M/F

This unique low-impact class will take you through a progression of strength-building exercises with a variety of equipment, with the goal of increasing your muscular endurance. This interval training method is proven to be both...

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Full Body Cardio (Saturday 8:00AM)

This class is suitable for beginners, deconditioned, older people, and non-dancers who find Zumba moves too intricate. Steps are simple and easy-to-follow with variations shown so that you can adjust the intensity to suit your...

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Town Hall Meeting

CLICK HERE to join Meeting ID: 395 218 0686 Passcode: 1234 Phone: 1-669-900-6833