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The Don’ts of Pruning-March 2018

Did you know that with regular care during the first five growing seasons, young trees will grow 30 to 60% faster?  Management has been working with both SMUD, your community-owned electric service, and the Sacramento Tree Foundation to not only create that handy tree list available online to all member’s when replacing trees, but also to figure out what there is to know about tree care after your replacement trees are finally in the ground.

Here are the Basic “Don’t” Rules of Pruning taken from the Sacramento Tree Foundation website:

  • Don’t remove more than ¼ of the total tree canopy per year.
  • Don’t cut the top off your tree.
  • Don’t leave a stub and do not flush cut when pruning.
  • Don’t cut limbs within the branch collar.
  • Don’t keep sucker growth. Suckers rob the main trunk and limbs of growth potential.
  • Don’t keep water sprouts. Water sprouts are usually upright, fast growing but weakly attached stems found on branches that have been over-pruned or exposed to sunlight by defoliation. Water sprouts are often forced into growth just below large pruning cuts, particularly when the branches have been cut to stubs.
  • Don’t over prune. Leave 3/4 of the entire canopy intact when pruning.

For a full tree pruning guide click HERE!

Although regular landscape and tree maintenance is encouraged, please keep in mind that tree removal and/or replacement is not permitted without prior approval from the Association.  We, and your neighbors, thank you!

For more tips regarding tree care, please visit www.sactree.com or to see if your home qualifies to receive up to 10 properly placed energy saving trees, call SMUD’s Sacramento Shade Program at 916-924-8733.