Committees work in tandem with the Board of Directors to evaluate and recommend direction or action upon specific issues within the Association and community. To do so, and to keep committees vitalized, the Board depends upon homeowners who have yet been involved to step forward, offering their time and ideas. All committees and committee members are appointed by the Board. If you are interested in joining a committee, please complete this application CLICK HERE and email it to

  • Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
  • Club
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Safety
  • Social

Consider joining or at least sitting-in on one of the Natomas Park Master Association committees this month. Contact the NPMA Management office at or a current committee or board member for more information.

Committee and Group Meeting Schedule

Mission Statement

The mission of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to ensure that the appearance and quality of our community is maintained, with the best interests of the community in mind. We all moved to Natomas Park because of its amenities and potential for a significant increase in value. To fulfill our dreams of growth for our community we must maintain the quality of how our properties appear and mature over time.

General Scope of the Architectural Control Committee
The ACC will review changes submitted by residents and ensure that there is compliance with the CC&Rs, the Architectural Standards, and any other governing documents. The ACC will respond to inquiries from residents when they have questions regarding what changes they can make to their properties. It will advise and assist the Home Owners Association Board in the enforcement of the community rules and recommend any changes to the Architectural Standards as requested by the Board.

NOTE: ACC Application Submittal
The Architectural Control Committee meets each month to review home improvement applications. In order to ensure your application is submitted on time, we request your completed application be submitted to the management office eleven days prior to the scheduled meeting. This will allow management time to review the application for completeness; and will allow time if necessary changes need to be made and submitted back to management in time for the meeting.

As a reminder, the ACC has 45 days to review and make a determination on submitted applications that are complete. Once an application has been reviewed, management will notify homeowners of the outcome.

If you should have questions regarding the application process or should you need assistance completing the application, please contact the management office at (916) 925-9200 and they will be able to assist you.

Meeting Time
Third Tuesday by appt. only

The Club Committee meets under the direction of the Board to review, discuss, and provide input and recommendations to the Board regarding all NPMA Club-related operating.  These discussions and recommendations include club facilities and grounds, café operations and menus, furniture and equipment purchases and replacement, major and minor facilities projects, Club rules, and policies and procedures to name a few.  The Committee meets monthly, and occasionally has ad hoc committees for special projects, and may discuss time-sensitive matters via email in between meetings.

Meeting Time
First Thursday of the month 6:30pm

The committee will meet to discuss and address methods to best communicate and connect NPMA homeowners. They will make recommendations on the newsletter, website, email communication and social media.

Meeting Time
Second Tuesday 6:30pm

Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Committee is to be a source of financial expertise for the Board of Directors and other committees, providing realistic financial and budget recommendations that will facilitate the homeowners association in meeting it’s goal of making Natomas Park an enjoyable place to live, with amenities that represent the community’s expectations.

Meeting Time
Third Wednesday 6:30pm

The Safety Committee’s purpose is to identify traffic needs and safety issues (how to secure your home, identify suspicious cars, etc..) within Natomas Park.  The Committee needs volunteers. We are looking for Members to participate in open discussions concerning these topics and report directly to the Board of Directors.  If interested, please email NPMA Management office,

Meeting Time
Fourth Monday 6:30pm

The Committee meets under the direction of the Board to review policy modifications and make recommendations. The primary purpose of the Social Committee is to collaborate with Management in budgeting, creating and planning social events to be held at The Club at Natomas Park.

The objective of the Social Committee is to collaborate with Management and members of the community to develop social events and community engagement opportunities that meet the needs and desires of the full spectrum of Natomas Park Club Members.

For more information on this committee, please email the management team at:

Meeting Time

First Tuesday 6:30 pm