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Club Update – Lagoon Pool, Café Services and Indoor Fitness

Hello NPMA Community!

We have amenities opening and also some adjustments to some of the guidelines for amenities that we already had open:

  • Café Services: we are doing a soft opening on Friday, May 21st with a limited menu  [SEE MENU], beer and wine from 4pm-8pm with happy hour pricing on beer and wine! Reservations are available and can be booked for single household OR multiple households up to 6 people total / table. There is also a waitlist if we fill up. If all goes well we will start offering service from Friday-Sunday starting May 28th. As a reminder, you can only bring your own food and beverages when the café is closed. Note: beer and wine can only be purchased if the person consuming the drinks also orders a meal.
  • Lagoon Pool Re-Opening StatusWe just received unfortunate information from the pool deck contractor, Red Leaf, that due to the consistently high winds we are experiencing, they will not be able to complete the Lagoon Pool deck surface repairs in time for us to open the Lagoon Pool on Monday, May 24th. The application of the grit and sealer which creates a safe pool deck surface cannot be applied in windy conditions. We cannot set a confirmed time right now of opening the Lagoon Pool, but we are working with the contractor to make sure that all measures are taken to allow us to open the Lagoon Pool for Memorial Day weekend. We will also be providing a more detailed report next week on the Pool Deck replacement project that started in the winter of 2018-19.
  • Pool Floaties: members can bring floaties to the pool on Monday, May 31st in honor of the holiday.

  • Fitness Center Use: based on the information we have from the HVAC/Fire Sprinkler contractors we will be able to reopen the Fitness Center on May 26th by reservation*. We are still in the red tier so the capacity limit for the Fitness Center is 10% (5 people at a time). Because this is so limited, members will only be able to hold 3 fitness center reservations at a time and only 1 per day. The state of California is still requiring masks to be worn indoors in a fitness setting regardless of vaccination status so we will be requiring members to wear their masks while using the fitness center.
  • Patio Table Reservations: We recently announced an update that would allow those from different households, showing proof of vaccination, to share a patio table reservation. Based on a need for further Board Club Rules discussion and current State and County guidance, we will be continuing our current policy of only one household per table for patio reservations during times that the cafes are not open.It is important to note that the Cabana Café will be open tonight, Friday, May 21st and as per dining guidance, Members of different households can sit at a table together. Masks do not have to be worn while you are actively eating or drinking.
  • Operating Hours: Starting May 24th we will be closing at 10pm every night (subject to early closure if we do not have reservations).

* If there are any delays due to continued work we will contact members who have reservations to reschedule. 

**If you want to provide input to the Board regarding any requirements for proof of vaccination records to be a part of a group gathering, please attend the May 26th Open Session to provide your input.

We are so excited to be able to continue opening up more amenities and seeing more members at The Club! We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we navigate through these changes.

Café Reservations

Fitness Center Reservations