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Blood Drive 07.30.2018

Did you know that we have a Blood Drive coming to Natomas Park on Monday, July 30 from 4:00-8:00 pm? There will be TWO Bloodmobiles located in the round-about in the front of The Club.

Did you know? (curtesy of BloodSource)

  • Today, fewer than 4 of every 10 people in the U.S. are eligible to give blood. Fewer than 1 in 10 actually donate.
  • BloodSource must collect about 700 units of blood per day to meet local demands. But only 38 percent of people in the U.S. are eligible to donate, and less than 10 percent actually do. Consequently, the lives of many depend on the generosity of a few.
  • Approximately 40,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 7 people entering the hospital needs blood.
  • Bloo1 donation has the potential to save as many as 3 lives.
  • 3 teaspoons of blood can save a baby’s life.
  • If there are 100 people in a room, 46 will have type O blood, 40 will have type A, 10 will have type B and four will have type AB.
  • If 50 people donate, they could provide enough blood to take care of victims of a major car accident.
  • If 20 people donate, they could help 1 burn victim.
  • Most whole blood donors can give every 8 weeks.
  • Plasma donors can give as often as every 3 days.
  • Blood lasts only 42 days.
  • Platelets last only 5 days.

Please drink plenty of fluids and eat before you donate.

For more information, please contact BloodSource at 1-866-822-5663

See you at The Club!