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5.13.21 Club Amenity Update!

Hello NPMA Community!

We have a few updates to share with everyone:

  • Recreational Games: Starting today, ping pong and cornhole games will be available to reserve in the evenings. As a reminder, these are for single household use only. For cornhole, gloves must be worn if you are using our bean bags because soft surfaces are more difficult to disinfect between users.
  • Toddler Pool: Reservations for this pool will be available starting Monday, May 17th. There will be 2 zones and each zone can have one household in it. Reservations are 75 minutes long. As a reminder, this pool is for use by children age 5 and under. Because of the limited availability for recreational swimming, reservations for this amenity are limited to 1/household.
  • Lagoon Pool: We received communication from the Pool Deck contractor that they need more of the ‘grit’, which is used to add a non-slip surface to the membrane sealer. Red Leaf is applying the grit at about 1.5-2 times the manufacturer’s recommended level to ensure the safety of the pool and spa decks.

    Since they did not have enough grit to complete the Lagoon Pool this week, they are completing the Toddler Pool. It is certainly disappointing to us that we are experiencing a delay in opening the Lagoon Pool. We are still within the originally projected 4-8 week window, but we will not be able to open the Lagoon Pool until a safe pool deck surface is completed. We will have another update out next week.

  • Fitness ClassesOur schedule is changing up a little bit! Starting Monday, May 17th Ali’s Cardio HIIT Class will now be a Zumba class. Starting Friday, May 21st Karen will be offering a 5:00pm Zumba Class. Starting Tuesday, May 25th Juliet’s Tuesday and Thursday classes are changing to Aqua Fit classes in the Lap Pool at 6:30pm. We will no longer have a 5:30am class on those days.

We look forward to continuing to see more members at The Club!